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Articles & Feeds

What is this articles section & what are feeds?

"Articles" is the latest section that has been added to 160by2 from where you can catch-up with the latest trending articles on the internet. Latest updates from sites are shown to you through RSS feeds of these websites. You can add sites from which you would like to receive updates(feeds) by clicking on the +Add/Edit link in the articles section. Get your daily dose of news & updates from various sites that you like at one place. Save the articles you like for later reference - share interesting articles with your friends.

How do I add a site?

To add a new site, visit the articles section and click on the + Add/Edit button. Enter the URL (website address) that you would like to add and click on search icon (or press 'enter' on your keyboard). A list of available feeds would be shown in the search results area. Click on +Add button to add it to your feed-list. You should rename it for your convenience when prompted.

Can I add any site?

Any site which provides RSS feeds can be added to your feed list. If a particular site does not provide RSS feeds, it can not be added to your feeds. To find the RSS feed URL, look for the rss link or its icon (Inline images 1) on the website. If you are unable to find it, you can try inserting /feed or /feeds or /rss after the website URL - either it will show you a 'page not found' error OR you would see the rss feeds from that site which you can add to your feed list.

I'm unable to add 'X' site

Not all sites provide RSS feeds of their content. In case you are not able to locate the RSS feed for a particular site, you can try the suggestions as mentioned in the previous question.

When I search for a feed, I get multiple results - which one do I add?

Some sites provide various RSS feeds separated under different categories. For eg. a popular site may give a different feed for its 'global news' content and another one for its 'technology news' content. You need to choose the feed you want to subscribe to. You can add as many feeds as you want but do rename them appropriately for your own reference.

How do I save an article for later?

To save an article for later, click on the 'Favorite' link (located at the top & bottom of every article) or by clicking on the 'Favorite' icon on left hand side on the articles page. All your favorite articles are available for you in 'My Favorites' under the 'Articles' section.


How do I register?

Registration process is fast, simple & rewarding - all you need is a mobile number and an email address.

To register, please visit http://www.160by2.com/UserRegistration

I forgot password, what to do?

No problem, it happens with all of us. You can get your password back through either of the two methods - By getting an SMS OR by giving a missed call to see your password. Both of these methods require you to have your mobile phone(registered with 160by2) - and it should be switched on.
To recover your password, please visit the 'forgot password' page.