Free Account

  • Free forever up to 3 messages per day.

  • No Custom Sender. Sender will always be ( XX- 160by2)

  • Limited group SMSing

  • No Lists


  • Flat 20 paise per SMS ( including GST )

  • Sending Over 5 lakh SMSes/ month

Contact us for high volume plan pricing, plus a Customer Service Manager and Prioritized Support.

Whatsapp us on : 8978055155

Promote Account

  • Pricing varies based on your targeting depth and the size of audience

  • Generally Pricing varies from 30 paise per SMS to INR 80 paise per SMS.

  • The broader the targeting, the lesser will be the pricing

  • Price also varies based on the criticality of the targeting

  • ( Targeting based on work title, work skills, interests generally costs more )

Voice Campaign

  • Under business section flat 45 paise per call (including G.S.T)

  • Under promote section pricing varies from 50 paise per call to 1.50 Rs per call based on size of selected audience.

  • The duration of the call must be less than 29 sec. then only it will consider as 1 call

  • If duration exceed 29 sec then it will consider as 2 calls & it will be charged accordingly